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Monitor Administrators was born in 2003 out of pure love and an unwavering commitment to the industry. Since then, we have emerged as a company that is trusted, respected, and highly acclaimed. We pride ourselves on being able to offer forward-thinking strategies and smart solutions, helping you achieve your goals.

Over the years, we’ve been joined by some of the best in the industry – with their many years of administration and insurance experience, these men and women have made this business a tremendous success.

With an annual growth rate of 17%, you can trust that at Monitor Administrators, we’ll get things done – the right way.



Fast, accurate handling of all the administrative support a brokerage needs to be able to fulfil their mandate.



We have self-developed FinTech-enabled distribution channels, which just proves that we genuinely are pioneers in our industry.




We have developed the capability to target and service lower-income and mass markets through bespoke technology.

Let us facilitate the business between broker and underwriter, so you don’t have to.

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Questions And Answers

We have a vast network of very professional brokers that we can refer you to. Send us a note through the contact page and we will refer you to broker that can supply a quote from one of our insurers. 

We make use of collection agents to process debit orders. Collection agents in the insurance space are very strictly regulated by the FSCA and your premium is therefore in safe hands.

No. Monitor Administrators is a registered financial services provider that perform insurance related financial functions on behalf of more than one insurer. This is done under a binder agreement with each insurer. 

No. Monitor is paid by the insurer for performing the functions under either an UMA or  Binder agreement, whichever is applicable for the specific risk or policy. 

Monitor operates in the short term insurance space as well as affinity type products e.g. funeral, mobile device insurance, vehicle warranty etc. 

No. Monitor administers the claims and settle most claims directly. Our mandate with the insurer would normally specify a limit for claims settling that would include 99% of all claims. Very large claims and liability claims would require insurer intervention. 

Under some structures we do. Any concerns? Please discuss this with us. 

An Underwriting Management Agency is in its simplest form, an agent of the insurer. On the other end the relationship, the Broker / FSP is mandated by the Client to act on his behalf. Currently Monitor is a UMA for Guardrisk Insurance Company as well as African Unity Limited.

A binder agreement is an agreement between an insurer and a Binder Holder whereby the insurer mandates the binder holder to perform specific administrative insurance functions for and on behalf of the insurer. Monitor holds Binder Agreements with Renasa, Safrican, Centriq and Mutual & Federal.

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Talk to us. No two insurance portfolios are identical and client needs differ. 

We will help you navigate the stormy compliance waters to set up a structure that is beneficial to your policy holders, your company and insurer alike. 

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Smoothing the flow of business between the Insurer and Distribution Channels

Building our clients Brand

Monitor takes a back office role in order to promote your brand.

Innovative products for lower LSM markets

We bring innovative, cost effective financial services products to previously untapped markets.


Effective use of digital distribution for financial products.

Innovative payment systems

Looking at the clients needs when prescribing payment methods driving higher collection success rates.
Adaptability enforces creativity, and creativity is adaptability.”
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